Monday, June 29, 2009

{Manga, this one's for you}

amelia sure likes to "talk".
her very first (and dominant) word was
ahhh, *melt*
then of course,
her manga (a mixed up way of saying grandma)
worked hard to teach her
{uh oh}

isn't she just the {cutest} chubby thing you've ever seen?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

{what's happening at our house?}

{A lot}
I tell you.
It's warm outside, which is great. So there has been lot's of playing around outside.
Delaney thinks she is a {ballerina} and is constantly walking on her toes saying, "Look, I'm a pretty ballerina." To which I reply, "Yes, yes you are." {so cute!}
I started "homeschooling" if you will, Laney a few months ago, and she {loves} it.

My business is still going strong and I'm enjoying the pace of it.
Not too much to do, not to little.
{Finally} Millie is what you might call "crawling". Really her legs have nothing to do with it, she just {drags} herself with her arms.
And she loves to babble.
note video below.

Our next door neighbors tree produces {apples} which i hate.
i don't hate apples, per say, it's the squirrels that knock the apples into our yard.
and the squirrels that drive the dogs crazy.
That is a 6 foot fence that Toby the silver dog is peeking over...
note video below.

We are taking a little road trip to Manhattan, KS to visit some {old} friend who've planted a {new} church there.
And the {biggest} news of all:
Casey is no longer employed by
Markley Motors as a body mechanic.
He's a business man, my man is. :O)
After much{ prayer and petition} to the Lord.
After much {counsel} from wise friends and family.
After much {crazy hail}.
Casey is now pursuing {Fine Edge} his Paintless Dent Repair business
{full time}
{Praise God}. Seriously, praise Him!
Praise God, the work is already flowing in.

And that's about it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

{Material Things}

As you probably already know...
My {man} is awe.some.

He is generous...

and not {materialistic}.

Casey is the most incredible example to me, of a man who treasures things that are meaningful.....not just stuff.

He is a hobby guy.
He loves getting a piece of crap, and fixing it up.

His fixed up this Dodge Dart before he even had a license, then when he moved to ft. collins he needed money. So he sold it. Really without hesitation.

The first taste i had of it began in our dating relationship with this bmx bike.
It started out in pretty rough shape, but he invested time, energy, and money into it to fix it up. He took it out for a few spins, and then decided to sell it. (we probably needed the money).
He did this without hesitation. Without being sad that he was selling this bike that he had worked so hard on. He said, "it's just a bike".

Next up, he bought this old dirt bike. Let me tell you, this truly was a piece of crap. Again, he spent time, money, effort into fixing it up. He took it out for a few (maybe more then a few) good rides, and then decided to sell it because we needed the money. One day he just told me, i'm gonna post my dirt bike on craigslist. I was a little taken back. Really? Just like that? I mean you LOVE this dirt bike and you're just gonna sell it? He said, "it's just a bike."

Back to cars. He bought this Eagle Talon for REALLY cheap from a friend of his. Really didn't put a whole lot of money or work into it.......because this car already had what he liked. It was fast. And fun to drive. Yep, we needed money. He sold it. Again, like an idiot, i said to him.....but you LOVE this car! "it's only a car." he said.

Since we moved into our house, we have wanted to paint it and do something new with our back yard patio. We've lived here for nearly 4 years now and have never had the money just lying around to be able to do it. So guess what? Last summer, to save on the cost of gas, he decided to buy a motorcycle to ride to and from work. So he purchased this motorcycle for cheap. It wasn't in nearly as rough of shape as the yellow one, but it sure wasn't this pretty. Again, time, money, effort....a few good rides. He sold his motorcycle, without hesitation. I said, well, don't you want to ride the bike to and from work this summer and save gas? "sure," he said. "i'll ride my pedal bike." yeah but, you LOVE this motorcycle won't you be sad to sell it? can't we save money elsewhere to paint the house? "robin, it's just a bike."

It's just a bike. It's just a car. As Eccleesiastes 1:2 says, "Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity."

But let me tell you what he {does} treasure.

He treasures, God. He puts time and energy and money and effort into obeying God's calling on his life. He treasures and looks forward to heaven.

He treasures, me. Second to God, i can say with confidence that i am the most important to him. He pursues me with intention, and tenderness.

He treasures, his daughters. He prays for them, he disciplines them (or will in the case of Amelia), he works hard to provide for them....even if it means stepping out into rough seas.

He treasures, his brothers and sisters in Christ.
He treasures, his friends.

I am blessed to be able to have such a profound example of a man tight fistedly holding onto things that matter.....and not cars and bikes and motorcycles and jobs and houses and clothes and money and status and........

{sleep overs}

Once a month we do and overnight date night swap with our good friends, The Knechts.
We take their girls overnight once a month, and they ours.
Delaney LOVES Gentry. Every single time we leave the house she asks if we can go to Gigi's house.
And Amelia is beginning to get to know, Harlow....though Millie is a little bit of a naughty friend and likes to take toys away from poor defenseless Harlow.....
Here are some fun photo's from our night with all the girls.
And Hannah posted some sweet and fun ones on her blog....go check it out!

Amelia and Harlow having their bottles.

And no slumber party is complete without fixing your best friends hair!!!


Once upon a time,
i blogged about a certain chalk board green wall.

i didn't love it.
i didn't love my new duvet comforter with it.

i've finally found something i love.

the blue in this quilt is much softer then the other one, and the shade matches well with the greens on the wall.

and Delaney has a new big {BIG} girl bed. we moved her into a toddler bed before Amelia was born, and she was excited about that. she's really excited about this one!

and of course, Amelia is still enjoying her crib.

{catching up}

i have been what i like to call
about blogging.
my bad.
here are several fun new {blogs}

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

{Bad Mamma Jamma}

I have the coolest 4 year old nephew, {Rourke}. He walked into my house today with a
{mow hawk}, i commented to him that it was
{awe.some.} and he told me, and i quote,
" I'm a bad mamma jamma for Jesus Christ."

{Seriously, he