Sunday, July 26, 2009


{sometimes} i feel fat.
{sometimes} i don't.

nuff said.

also, please remember that i am only posting as an insight to my brain,
i'm {not} fishing for compliments.
this is not a {fix it} moment.

Friday, July 17, 2009

{the gloves are off...i mean braces}

in march of 2007 i ventured into the world of
{adult braces.}
my teeth weren't super crooked....but they weren't super straight either.
and my jaw popped when i would eat. or yawn. and that wasn't the most comfy.
so casey and i talked it over and decided that i would get braces.
as it turned out, i was headed down the road to some serious tmj issues and my overbite was slowly wearing down my bottom teeth.
so though the initial idea behind getting braces was purely vanity, it turned out to really be a need.
they told me it would take {18months.}
not too bad, huh?
well the 18 month period {came} and {went.}
so did the 2 year mark.
however, i pushed through and my {darling} husband can no longer say that i have a
tin grin.
nope. i have pearly {straight} whites.
here's a before and an after for your viewing pleasure.

a new venture {sometimes}

what's up?
sorry, i don't really know how to start this. i've nothing witty and enticing to say.
{sometimes} i can struggle to be vulnerable...
i think this is because i used to allow myself to be vulnerable to the extreme.
and there needs to be {balance}.
this is going to be a little experiment that i will run via my blog.
i don't really know how many people read this, but i figured it's going to be good for me, even if {no one} ever reads it.
i'm going to try my darnedest to post {once a week}
a new {sometimes} that will reveal something about me that you may not have know.
feel free to comment.
or not.

here goes.

{sometimes} i need to remember that it's ok to let out my emotions.
again, in my past, along with being TOO vulnerable with people...well with the wrong people maybe, i used to be {freakishly} emotional. really i would let my emotions rule me.
i would cry at the drop of a hat.
i would let how i was {feeling} drive the actions i would take.
i would emotionally wrap my heart around a person *ahem* boy and then get hurt when it didn't work out.

so i stopped being so emotional.
for a {long} time casey was the only person really would could elicit tears.
ahhh....the early days of marriage.
i think i became so set on not letting my emotions rule me, that i forgot that it's {ok} to cry.
it's ok.
the exception to this was when i was preggers and {ridiculously} hormonal.
once i cried over cantelope.

so i'm learning that {sometimes} it's ok to feel emotional.
when i watch that touching video about a family getting to take their adoptive baby daughter home for the first time or when i think of the incredible blessings that the Lord has heaped upon casey's business or when i think of my sister, sam, and how our friendship has grown and blossomed over the years, and i feel the tears well up, i don't have to staunch them at the edges of my eyelids. i can allow them to spill over and run down my cheeks.
i want my daughters to see the beauty of being feminine, of feeling compassion for others, of having a tender heart.
and one way to show them that is to {sometimes} show them my tears.

Monday, July 13, 2009