Friday, April 29, 2011

{joy in laughter}

a little back story for you:
in 6th grade, my best friend Leah and i decided that i had a really terrible laugh.
like we thought it was so bad, that one night, we sat up for
probably 20mins straight {practicing} and trying to come up with a {better} different laugh for me.
we did not avail.
i tend to not laugh out loud.
we decided that since we couldn't find something better for me, it was just better if i laughed silently.

i'm like this girl:

oh man.  it's {lame}.
i feel almost certain that i've annoyed quite a few people by saying "that's so funny" instead of just laughing.
i've also come to realize that people might interpret my quietness for being {humorless} which is just not so.
the truth is, i {love} to laugh.
do you know who makes me laugh the most?
this guy:

it's no wonder delaney's so funny with him for a daddy!
casey had done many great things to aid in seeing me grow as a woman and grow into my own identity.
he's helped me countless times work through insecurities, find their roots, and battle them down.
i am so {thankful} for him.
casey makes me laugh more then any other person or thing...and it's a darn good thing he loves me...
because boy oh boy, when i let loose with my laughter, it's all kinds of:
and just plain {crazy} sounds.
and i have so much {fun} laughing with him.
even during some of the most inopportune times, thankyouverymuch mr. egger.

 i'm finding the {joy} in laughing.
laughing out loud and having fun with it.
and not caring what people think.

so be prepared.   
i just might let loose on you someday soon....

maybe, i'll even put my guard down enough to let casey attempt to get it on video.
to be continued...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

{embrace the camera}

i'm not feeling very wordy today.
so i'll just post this weeks {embrace} photos without remarks.
this is from easter.

Monday, April 25, 2011

{daily delaney}

somebody got a {sewing machine} for christmas.

well, she got one for christmas that was for kids....and it didn't work.
so we (my mom and i , since the gift was from her) decided that instead of wasting money on another insufficient kids machine, we'd just go with a {very} basic real machine.

delaney's {manga} brought the new sewing machine to her a week ago.
needless to say, lane was {quite} excited.

so that day,  i let delaney go {shopping} through my fabric stash and pick out 
some fabrics to make her very own bag..
of course, she picked out several different {purple} fabrics.
she fully designed this little tote from which fabric went on the outside, inside, what fabric was the pocket and the handle.  she was quite proud of herself!

since this is a real machine we talked a lot about how to operate it.
i explained the pedal and how she needed to control the speed.
i pressed her finger on the needle so she could feel a little pain, and learn that she needed to watch her fingers, 
and be self controlled in working the speed.
i showed here where to hold her hands, and how to guide the fabric.
i showed her how to put down and lift up the foot.
and you guys....
she did {incredible}!
she did it, almost completely by herself! 
every now and then she would go a bit too crooked, and i'd stop and re -adjust her fabric,
but other then that, she did it all on her own!

i was so proud!

at one point, i needed to take over because it was a bit tricky, and as i quickly sewed away, delaney exclaimed:
"mom!  you sew like a REAL girl!"
HA!  i laughed pretty good on that one....i'm sure glad i sew like a real girl!

i love that she loves to do something like me.
i think i have a sweet little seamstress on my hands!

i'm excited to teach her more, and see her hobby grow.

Friday, April 1, 2011

{daily delaney}

as our kids get older, we slowly add responsibilities for them.
lane's first was to help unload and re-load the dishwasher.
since her sister has graduated into that role, her new {responsibility} is to get herself and her sister dressed in the mornings.

now let me share a little about myself.
i'm prideful.
i'm a people pleaser.
i like for my kids to be well dressed, fashionable, and put together.
i know, it's ridiculous.
well, let me tell you.
allowing delaney to {select} her own outfit is some days a great challenge for me.
days like this day.
yep.  it's true.
that is a long sleeve shirt (cuz it was cold).
a shorts jump suit.
cowboy boots.
this ain't no {april fools} joke.

and she was {so} proud of herself.

i like that she's defining her own style.
i like that she is creative.
i like that she is getting herself dressed so that i don't have to.

it's just a good lesson in pride for me.

i love this girl.