Thursday, December 30, 2010

{embrace the camera}

it's late in the day, i know.  
and i've already posted twice today.
apparently i like to post in spurts.

anywho!  me and the littles were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie after nap and casey snapped this.
i thought it would be perfect for joining in on embrace the camera today.

thanks, emily, for spurring us on to do this!

of course toby the dog had to be snuggle up with us too. 
 isn't it funny how my big ol weimaraner can curl up and look like a such a little dog?

have a great night all! 

{the manhattan project}

i wrote a new post over at our other blog
go read it.
if you want.
link below.

{crazy aunt millie}

a few end of the year {crazy aunt millie} photos for your viewing pleasure.

she would never allow her crazy hair to get in the way of eating.  not this {crazy} girl!

who needs your hair out of your eyes during playtime, especially when chewing on a wooden spoon? 
 for sure not our dear {aunt millie}

not even cutting {bangs} could control the crazy.

over halloween, she had an {especially} crazy day.

let's not stop at the crazy hair.  let's add some nose picking.

oh dear.  there's just something about this {crazy aunt millie} that i can't get enough of.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

{embrace the camera}

this friend of mine, hannah is friends with this girl emily...
one gal i {know} is super cool.
the other gal is {presumable} super cool based on her fun blog and the fact that she's friends w/ hannah.
and anyone who is friends with hannah, is cool.
thus, i want to participate in the coolness.

so this is my first week, {embracing the camera}. go here for details on why she begin this little tradition.
what a great concept, right!?!

said cool friend {hannah} took this beautiful photo of me and my littles.

check out her website, she does an amazing job!!!

now go {embrace the camera yourself!}