Monday, December 28, 2009


this dollhouse was cricket and bitty's christmas gift.
it started out
as a {hideous} teal, pink, and tacky barbie wallpaper mess.
and i turned it into this.
with a whole lot of {love} and a whole lot of {mod podge}.

this is the beginning.
nasty mouse pooped on carpet was on the floor

casey was really helpful. he helped scrape up the {nasty} 80's linoleum.
and as you will see later on, he added walls.

It turned out really {fantastic} if you ask me!!!
All of the walls are mod podged scrapbook paper. The entire thing cost me about $15 (the cost of 2 bottles of mod podge). The furniture was given as christmas gifts.

this is the {kids} bedroom.

the daddy and mommy bedroom is {empty} right now, a bed is on it's way in the mail...

This is the completed kitchen.
I spray painted {craft sticks} and put them up as "hardwood" flooring and "wainscoting" on the walls.

In the dining room i {mod podged} down some paper that looked like "ceramic" tile and
then cut strips of paper for "grout".

For the living room, we
had extra carpet just laying around in the garage. I "framed" the art on the walls using ribbed cardboard paper. This is the Egger Family in doll form according to Delaney. Plus a creepy cat {which would NEVER actually exist in our home}

The bathroom has "tile flooring" aka scrapbook paper that looked like tiles. The mirror on the wall is real. I just ripped it out of an {old wallet}, took off the fabric, and framed it w/ paper.

And these are the 2 cute and very excited little girls who have
already spent {hours} playing in it.

wanna come over and play too?!?!?!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


There is an {incredibly} sweet little boy named, Junior.

He is pretty sick right now and his family could use support in any manner
{Monetary donations}
{Cards of encouragement}
{Anything, anything}

This is Junior's story.

{Junior is 17 months old and in October was diagnosed with Scimitar
Syndrome, lung, and heart problems. He underwent open heart surgery in mid November.
He is currently at The Children’s Hospital receiving the best care in the nation, and is
expected to be there for an extended period of time. All proceeds will go to the Wright
Family to help with expenses.}

A benefit spaghetti dinner is being held for Junior.

DENVER, CO 80211

an account has been opened up that you can make a deposit into: if you are interested in making a donation, please contact me, or
Bill or Alexis O'Neill
If you are able to come and support him and his family that would be amazing.
If you are unable to come, but can donate, that would be amazing.
If you can do neither, but you can offer a petition to the Lord on his behalf, that would be amazing.

This is Junior with his mama, Marie and his Daddy Matt

Junior, playing peek-a-boo before his open heart surgery

Matt, seeing Junior after surgery

Since his surgery, Junior has been keep sedated. He's been intubated and on a ventilator. The doctors determined that he has a narrowing in his esophagus above the vocal cords and when they tried to extubate him his oxygen rate dropped drastically. The problem with his esophagus is possibly from the extended time he has been intubated. Therefore, they felt it was in Junior's best interest to have a tracheotomy. It is not know at this time how long he will need the tracheotomy. He is a tough little cookie, but still in pretty serious condition.

Please pray for him. And if you are able, please support his family with a donation.


{sometimes}, i really suck at posting frequent blogs.
i have lot's of idea's in my brain, and i think, i should post that. i should post that. then i forget.
not like i have much going on around me with a husband, kids, business, friends, christmas shopping, etc.

i will try and be better at posting. in case anyone in this whole wide blogging world cares.

however, i am today going to post something {VERY} important.

if you do nothing else, please take the time to view my next post.

peace out.