Thursday, December 30, 2010

{embrace the camera}

it's late in the day, i know.  
and i've already posted twice today.
apparently i like to post in spurts.

anywho!  me and the littles were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie after nap and casey snapped this.
i thought it would be perfect for joining in on embrace the camera today.

thanks, emily, for spurring us on to do this!

of course toby the dog had to be snuggle up with us too. 
 isn't it funny how my big ol weimaraner can curl up and look like a such a little dog?

have a great night all! 

{the manhattan project}

i wrote a new post over at our other blog
go read it.
if you want.
link below.

{crazy aunt millie}

a few end of the year {crazy aunt millie} photos for your viewing pleasure.

she would never allow her crazy hair to get in the way of eating.  not this {crazy} girl!

who needs your hair out of your eyes during playtime, especially when chewing on a wooden spoon? 
 for sure not our dear {aunt millie}

not even cutting {bangs} could control the crazy.

over halloween, she had an {especially} crazy day.

let's not stop at the crazy hair.  let's add some nose picking.

oh dear.  there's just something about this {crazy aunt millie} that i can't get enough of.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

{embrace the camera}

this friend of mine, hannah is friends with this girl emily...
one gal i {know} is super cool.
the other gal is {presumable} super cool based on her fun blog and the fact that she's friends w/ hannah.
and anyone who is friends with hannah, is cool.
thus, i want to participate in the coolness.

so this is my first week, {embracing the camera}. go here for details on why she begin this little tradition.
what a great concept, right!?!

said cool friend {hannah} took this beautiful photo of me and my littles.

check out her website, she does an amazing job!!!

now go {embrace the camera yourself!}

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{free christmas cards? yes, please!}

this is likely the umpteenth blog you've read about this on....but who are we kidding, this is too good a deal to pass up!
shutterfly is giving away {50} free christmas photo cards.  i LOVE shutterfly.  i've used them in the past for several different projects: just plain ol' photo prints, photo books for the girls....they've always had great customer service, and been quick on processing and delivering my orders.  i think that once we've settled down in KS and Remi has his own room, i'd love to print some photo's on their canvas to decorate his nursery.  i also am really tempted to order some of their holiday thank you cards this year.  we are {SO} incredibly blessed by our families at this time, i'm often overwhelmed with thanks.  

in the past i've always made handmade christmas cards.  i love the charm and love that goes into them.
however, this year with adding a new baby, preparing our home to sell and move to KS, creating and selling flowers....i just don't know where i'll find the time.  but please know, that i will be picking out a {charming} design and send it to you with lot's of {love}.

here are some of my top choices (but, stealing the idea of a friend, i'm not revealing my favorite pic!):
i love the simplicity of this one

joy is one of the best words to express this season!

i like the sweet little christmas tree on this one.

{and}  there are so many more to choose from!  go have a look yourself!  and sign up here for your own 50 free!

merry christmas!

Monday, November 29, 2010

{daily delaney}

my  sweet {cricket} loves to play dress up.
yesterday she was all dressed up when i asked her to pick up her clothes off
 the floor and put them in the hamper.

she proceeded to walk over to her dress up suitcase, pull out an apron and asked me to put it on.
you might know where this is going.
i asked, "why do you need your apron to clean up your clothes?"
"because mom, you are treating me like cinderella."
oh, my poor poor daughter who has to do chores.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

{the manhattan project}

some of you know this, some may not.
casey and i are packing up our family and our home and  moving to the {little apple}.
manhattan, kansas.
this is a bittersweet time of joy and excitement and sadness {at leaving behind our loved ones}.

we started a new blog so that if you desire you can follow our journey and time there.
the very first post is an introduction written by my {beloved} giving you and idea of why we are going.

there are a few ways you can help us in this adventure,  prayer being of the utmost importance.

check back there often for updates {i'll let you know here, when we've updated there}.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{With Thanksgiving}

i'm being {hammered} right now with Gospel Truth.
our pastor has been beating it into our heads.
i'm reading a great book about it.
and the other day, my brother in law wrote a post about it.

the truth of the {Cross} is never something that i feel like i can forget.
but it can become familiar to me. and that makes me sick.
the reality of Jesus dying on the Cross is {never} something that i want to be just {familiar} or {comfortable} with.
i want to {crumble} at the idea of Jesus dying.
because of me.
because i should be the one dead.
and i'm not.

i tried this morning, to think about this in the same way that anthony did.

the idea of, choosing to let remington, my precious, valued, {only} son die for the sake of my {enemies} lives, and not only letting him die, but {abandoning} him at the time of his death is just not something i can say i would be willing/able to do.

i heard a floating internet story (fictional, obviously) once along time ago about this outbreak of some sort of disease or sickness and everyone in the world was dropping like flies. then, they found that this one little boy could give of his own blood (somehow his blood held the cure) and save everyone's lives.
so his parents had the choice to selfishly keep their own son alive and everyone else would die, or to sacrifice their son to save all of mankind.
in the story they choose to sacrifice their son.
valiant. loving. unselfish these parents were.


can you imagine if you had to sacrifice your {only son} for the sake of every murderer.
child molester.
your son, who is {perfect}. he never had to have a spank. he never refused to eat his veggies.
he never back talked, or hit his sister.
can you imagine if you had to sacrifice this perfect son for the one person on earth who hated you the most?
this, this is what God did for us.
for me.
for you.
i. cannot. get. my. brain. around. this.
i wouldn't sacrifice remi for
my next door neighbor who i get along fine with, let alone my worst ememy.
not. a. chance.

but this is what God did for me.
and i {crumble} at the thought.

as i should.

but also, i {rejoice}.
because of this mighty sacrifice, i will not spend eternity in hell.
i'm always reminding delaney, "you need to love others, more then you love yourself."
Jesus chose to love me more then He loved Himself.

and because of this, i {rejoice}.

Psalm 95:1-7
Oh, Come, let us sing to the LORD;
let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!
Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;
let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!
For the LORD is a great God,
and a great King above all gods.
In his hands are the depths of the earth;
the heights of the mountains are his also.
The sea is his, for he made it,
and his hands formed the dry land.
Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker!
For he is our God,
and we are the people of his pasture,
and the sheep of his hand.

i am the sheep of His hand.
i come to Him with thanksgiving.
i praise Him, for the LORD is a great God.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{daily delaney}

at dinner tonight:

me: delaney, you need to eat your chicken nuggets.
delaney: i'm sorry mom, i can't hear your instruction, my ears are being silly.
me: excuse me?
delaney: my ears, they are being silly.

uh, huh.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

{crazy aunt millie}

she did this all on her own.
must have been a raging party in her bed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{The King's Christmas List} a book review

“The Kings’s Christmas List” is a sweet short story for children. It is about a little girl Emma and her “Gentle Dog” Shu-Shu, who can magically talk. It’s the Christmas Season and Emma discovers a mail box that is shining “like the Christmas star” with a golden letter. The letter is an invitation to attend the King’s birthday party. Emma decides the perfect gift to bring to the king, is a homemade cake. Along the way to the party, she meets two families who are in need and Emma chooses to love them more then she loves herself by giving away things she holds dear, a cake, cape, and teddy bear. At he Kings birthday party, Emma realizes no one is giving a gift to the King, and goes to tell Him she had a gift for Him, but gave it away. She shares a conversation with Him and learns that the best gift she could have given Him, was to give to others.

This book is just long enough for a younger audience, and it’s illustrations are sweetly composed (aside from the stereotypical, fair skinned, blue eyed Jesus). It offers a good lesson on selflessness and giving to others.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Monday, October 18, 2010

{crazy aunt millie}

please know, we refer to my middle child as {crazy aunt millie}
in the most {loving} and {endearing} way.
this girl is fabulous.
and what spurred this special nickname, is her {hair}.

from a very young age
(about the time her hair started to re-grow in after if all fell out when she was a newborn)
it began to be pretty wild.

it stood straight up, no matter what.

as it got longer, it got crazier.

i {try} fixing this girls hair.
every morning, i put it in cute pig tails, or barrettes, or flower clips.
it starts out something like this:

or this:

but, by the end of the day, it almost always looks something like this:
you know not the joy, this girl, and her {crazy} hair brings to my life.

stay tuned for more.

{daily delaney}

upon learning that i made her a {ball gown} for her birthday:
"but mom! i don't want a ball to wear my gown, i want to wear it!"

Monday, September 27, 2010

{and yet He loves me}

the other day, i was commenting to casey how {crazy} i thought
it was that though remi requires {everything} from me, and yet does {nothing} for me
i do not begrudge him, or get irritated with him for always needing me.
i simply {adore} {love} and {gladly} give of myself to him.

then, casey chose to {rock} my world... a good way...
with this comment-

"oh yeah? you should thank God for the same."

it's true.
it's {crazy}, that though i require {everything} from God, and yet do {nothing} for Him
He does not begrudge me, or get irritated with me for alway needing Him.
God simply {adores} {loves} and {gladly} gives of Himself to me...

...and to you.

{daily delaney}

delaney loves all things to do with a {camera}.
taking pictures.
having her's taken.
desperately wanting to {see} the picture after it's been taken.
she'll look at photos on the computer or my phone for {hours}.
one day we decided to play with the camera.

here are the many {faces} of delaney.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{The Prophecy Answer Book} a review

Upon reading The Prophecy Answer Book, I find it’s great to have a small book with all of the questions that many Christians have about our current events and how they intertwine with end times prophesy. It is even better that they are answered with Biblical reinforcement . Dr. David Jeremiah does a great job covering the rapture, the tribulation and the second coming. He also discusses some of the more controversial current affairs in our world today, such as the demand for oil, Russia’s relationship with the middle east and the Islamic religion. All of the information is well organized into a small, easy to read and easy to carry book. Israel’s history is also covered as well as their role in the end times scenario. Dr. Jeremiah does an excellent job ensuring that no subject is left uncovered and he makes the Biblical prophecies much easier to understand and process. The question and answer layout is fantastic and it’s really easy to navigate. This book is readable by both the biblically well versed and the novice. The Prophecy Answer Book would make a great gift for anyone with questions about the book of Revelation and the end times.

**Please Note**

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Friday, September 10, 2010

{one more fun thing!}

in all of my posts about remi's birth and the update...i forgot to tell you all a super fun fact!

one of my best friends, hannah, and i were preggers together.
she was about 3 weeks further along then me.

hannah was pregnant with her 3rd {beautiful} daughter.
seriously, you should go to her blog and look at these girls...they are stunning.

anyway, and since i was preggers w/ a boy, i've had all these dreams of them one day getting
married and living happily ever after.

hannah had this condition during her pregnancy that caused her to have crazy amounts of amniotic fluid. so this poor woman measured full term when she was not even 30weeks along!
can you believe that!

at one point, hannah shared with me that if i went into labor before her (since i have a history of going early and she has a history of going late) that she would be, and i quote,
in the most light hearted friendly kind of way. i think....

so hannah was scheduled for a c-section on 8-9-10.
cool date huh.
recognize it?

yeah, that's Remington's birthday.
and he was born a few hours {before} her sweet daughter, Jetta Monroe.

so i did in fact, go into labor and have a baby before her....
thankfully only a few hours, or she might have really been pissed. :)

we had rooms next door to each other all week.
when i wasn't able to hold Remington yet, hannah let me borrow Jetta.
she was a great encouragment and support for me in those hard days.
it was nice to know one of my best friends was right next door.

our older 2 kids are just a few months apart, and aside from the occasional girl fight, they are great friends.

i hope the same for remi and jetta!

{remi d}

remember a while back when i did posts about casey, the girls and i?
well, it's time you get to know the little {man}.here's installment #4.
this little man is 4.5 weeks old.

crazy. it goes by {way} too fast.we like to call him:
remi d
mr. man
rem rem

let me tell you, this sweet boy is easy going and handsome.
and he really likes to fart.
he is an incredibly {gassy} baby.
thankfully not in the fussy, his tummy hurts all the time way...
he just toots {all} {the} {time}.
he is easy going and laid back.his sisters are in {love} with him.
mind you, so am i.

he has crazy good {head} control.
he has {pimples}. poor boy.
he's starting to fill out and his legs are looking less chickeny.

since he's still a little cross eyed and basically eat, sleeps, and {yes} poops...
i don't have much else to report on his personality and character.
but we are sure thankful to have him around.

{daily delaney}

i think most mothers' hope for their relationship with their daughters is that
they will always feel {confidant} and {comfortable} coming to us for anything.

this morning as delaney crawled into bed to watch some cartoons with her daddy, she
asked me for {help}.

last night, she slept in a night shirt and panties...and as she slipped under
the covers, an {issue} came up.

"mom, can you, can you, can you help me get the panties out of my bottom?"

yes daughter. i will pick your {wedgie}.

again, i'm thankful she feels comfortable talking to me even about the {embarrassing} things.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


on tuesday, we choose to put down our sweet and beautiful
german shorthair pointer, Karly.

for those of you who aren't "dog people" you probably won't understand, and i won't be offended if you just stop reading this right now

it feels bitter and unfair to me that we had to do it.
she was only 6 years old....and lived only half her life.
a couple of months ago, we found out she had cancer in her mouth.
it quickly grew and started to close off her nasal passage, making it hard for her to breath.
she couldn't really do any of her favorite things (chasing squirrels, swimming, playing with our other dog) w/out struggling to breath.

it was a hard decision to make, and i didn't think i'd struggle
with the loss of her as much as i have.

anyway, i won't start getting all sappy on you.
i have to remember she was just a dog.
a great companion with lots of personality....yet still just a dog.

i just wanted to pay some sort of tribute to our lovable and goofy "puddin".

Monday, August 30, 2010

{daily delaney}

For each of my kid's births, i prepared a "labor" cd.
mind you, i didn't {stay} in labor long for any of them, however, my doc's are fantastic and let me bring music into the O.R. to listen to.
on Remi's labor cd, i have two songs by " The Unlikelies".
if you don't know their music, {you should}.
anywho, i like to listen to the cd before the baby is born and one day the girls and i were listening to it in the car.
delaney {loves} to sing, and she picks up on lyrics quickly.
{ahem} like a certian song by olivia newton john that has to do with....ummm, we'll say
anyway, back to The Unlikelies.
we were listening to a song called, "Almighty".
the lyrics say,
"Almighty, the world will see you are the one. Almighty, the one who is and is to come."

{however} delaney was singing it as,
"Alrighty, the world will see you are the one. Alrighty, the one who is and is to come."
and i corrected her, that she needed to sing {Almighty} and not {Alrighty}.
i explained that God was Almighty and what that meant.
she thought for a moment, and said,
"well, i think God is Alrighty."

i agree.
He is indeed Almighty {and} Alrighty.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Remington David Egger} *long read*

so God is good.
and we have a {son}.
and i'm blown away at how {present} and real God was through the whole thing.
silly me, sometimes i can {forget} that God is in and overall all things.
i can sometimes think that {i'm} in control.
i'm not.

i know it's {SO} the blog trend to blog your {birth story} right now.
i'm not really into that, and i didn't do it with the girls.
but this needs to be heard.

Remington is our 3 baby. our first boy. and my hardest pregnancy.
i was so {sick} from the very beginning.
and i was still throwing up the day i went into labor.
that's just a side note, though.

so anyway.
about 3ish weeks before i went into labor, i started feeling funky.
i couldn't pinpoint why. or what.
i felt silly calling the dr. to say, "hey, i feel funny, can i come in to be checked out?"
so i called my dear friend, kayt and asked her. was it silly of me?
immediately she encouraged me to go ahead and call, she didn't think it was silly at all.
and she hesitated, but also shared with me something significant.
she has been feeling an intense urging from the Lord to pray.
these are her words,

"Basically about a month ago the Lord spoke to me to pray for my friend's pregnancy. As mentioned in a previous blog I have lots of close friends having babies right now so I just kinda shluffed it off as a good reminder to pray for all of them. But no. God made it clear that he wanted
me praying specifically for this friend- the baby, the pregnancy, and the delivery."

at first she didn't want to share this with me. she didn't want me to worry.
please remember this specific part of the story, as it is {significant} later on.
so anyway, i went to the dr. and they found nothing wrong with me
we monitored the baby and his heart rate and movements looked good.
so i went home wondering, why i still felt {off}.

schooch on forward about 3ish weeks to last sunday at {9:30pm}.
i started having contractions about 3-4mins apart. i wasn't sure if they were real, because with
delaney and amelia my water broke and so i knew i was in labor.
so i waited and just timed them.
they consistently came for 3-4mins for 4 hours before i called the dr. at about 2am.
well, dr. said to head on in to the hospital and we'd check things out.
got hooked up to monitors and checked.
definitely having real contractions. i was 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, and stationed +1.
the dr. decided that since i wasn't quite 37 weeks, he wanted to try and stop the labor.
so they gave me a shot of {Terbutaline} a drug that generally stops contractions.
well, instead of stopping, my intensified.
so finally, the dr. got out of {bed}, seriously, they told me he was sleeping.
and he checked me.
i had in a matter of 20ish mins. progressed to 2cm, 80% effaced, and +2 station.
doc said, well looks like we're having a baby this morning!
via c-section.
we're gonna have a baby!
so they got things rolling. catheter, iv (after 3 tries), antibiotics injected and anti nausea drugs.
answered all the {annoying} admittance questions.
and then, my labor stopped.
didn't taper off. {stopped}.
and i started to cry.
how disappointing! casey's parents were already on their way from 2hrs away.
my parents were on their way.
my brother in law was watching the girls.
and darn it, {i wanted to have a baby!}.
the dr. said he wanted to back off. he really wanted the baby to have more time in the womb to mature. he said he might have breathing problems, or problems nursing.
he also said, it was likely i might be back later that day. or in a couple of days.
and folks, i did not want to have to have {another} catheter. they hurt. just being real here.
the or was prepped and waiting for me.
so the dr. decided to leave it up to me.
i had about 8 people staring at me, waiting for me to make a decision.
do i make the {unselfish} choice and say, ok. let's call the whole thing off. give the baby more time to grow.
or do i make the {selfish} choice and say, no, i want to have a baby today.
i don't want to go through all of this admittance stuff again.

i started to bawl. i'm not sure it was even really audible, but i said, i want to have the baby.
i don't want to wait.
thankfully my dr. was totally on board!
he basically clapped his hands, and said {OK!} let's have a baby!
i was thankful for his enthusiasm and support.

so we headed into the O.R.
i'll spare you the details, but it wasn't easy.
basically, they couldn't get me completely numb and the anesthesiologist was {dumping} morphine into my iv.
at one point i was in so much pain, i had to focus on the worship music i had playing and just try to tune out.

{finally} i felt this intense relief of pressure and heard two incredibly loud cries come from the other side of the curtain.
and then the cries stopped.
he wasn't breathing and was turning purple.
they sounded an alarm and about 10 people rushed into the O.R. at once. (anyone who is available comes, only a couple of those people needed to stay).
but is was still {freaking} me out.
and i began to cry, thinking i made the {WRONG} very selfish choice to deliver early, and now they were having to help Remington breath.
they brought him over to me for just a brief moment and then
took him to the NICU to get more breathing help.
thankfully my mother in law stayed with me and was a
{huge} comfort when casey and the baby left.

they finished cleaning me out and stitching me up and rolled me into the recovery room.
i was {SO} doped up from all the morphine, that i don't remember much of
anything from the whole rest of the day. which might be God's kindness
that i wasn't totally aware enough to really freak out about how sick my son was.

once they had him in the NICU they discovered he had an infection, had really low blood pressure, still wasn't breathing well on his own.
he was severely anemic and needed a blood transfusion.
so they opened up his belly button, and put a central line from an artery to his heart, and one to his stomach.
they administered his blood transfusion through this, and gave him iv fluids.
based on his red blood cell count, the dr. was able to determine that the
infection had started roughly
{3ish weeks ago}.
right around the time that i started feeling funky, and that Kayt was urged to pray for my baby, my pregnancy, and deliver.
{AND} that had the baby stayed in longer, he would have continued to get {sicker} and {sicker}.
do you understand the significance in those to revelations?
before he was born, before we knew anything was wrong, God was prompting
someone to pray with intention for my baby.
and even though at the time i felt like i had made a {selfish} decision to go ahead and deliver the baby early, God was over that as well. had i decided to do what i though was the {unselfish} choice, Remington would have been born even {more} critically ill.
i didn't get to see him for {hours} and i didn't get to hold him for {days}.
probably some of the longest hours and days of my life.

Remington was in the NICU hooked up to all the crazy monitors and all i wanted to do was pick him up and smell his newborn smell. we couldn't hardly touch him, because the stimulation messed with his blood pressure.
but God was there.
we prayed that he would come off his oxygen, as this was the first step to getting better.
he was born on monday morning. he came off his CPAP (heavey duty oxygen) on tuesday and just used his nebulizer for oxygen. we prayed that he would be off that by the next day, and on wednesday he was breathing totally on his own.
because of the infection, he developed a high fever, but stabilized within 24hrs.
he came off his blood pressure meds on tuesday, but had to go back on, however for
only 24more hours.
i know there was a {crazy} amount of people praying for him.
his cultures from his infection came back and looked so good, they didn't
even bother to give him his 3rd round of antibiotics.
{finally} on wednesday, they were able to take the central line from his artery to his heart out.
and i got to {hold him} for the first time.
and smell his newborn {smell}.
on thursday, he had to go under photo therapy lights for jaundice, but his numbers started to go down before the first 24 hours were even up.
on friday, they took out his other central line.

and i had to {leave} him.

there is no preparing for having to leave your child behind.
casey was {amazing}. his support and compassion for my broken heart was incredible.
God is {amazing}. and God is {comforting}.
when i was up in the nights pumping, i just though about how he was awake taking his feeding right then. and that made me smile.
after only two nights away from my baby, Remi came home on Sunday.
i had a few, ok, a lot of moments of {distress} through the whole thing.
but in it all, i felt {peace} and {comfort} and {knowledge} that for as much as i loved and was concerned about Remi, God was more.
and God was in control.
and God knows his days.
we prayed that he would come home by monday.
he came {home} on {sunday}.
it's been tiring. doing a 3 step feeding program with him.
but i'll do it to have him home with me.
he is doing really well. he didn't have to come home on a bili blanket.
he is nursing well.
his sisters adore him.
i'm totally in love.
with both Remington and God.

God was in it and over it all.
God was in it prompting Kayt to pray.
God was in my decision to deliver, instead of holding off, because the longer he stayed in the womb, the sicker he was becoming.

God was in the quick answer of each of our prayers while he was in the hospital.
God is in it now, having him home. gaining weight. nursing well.

friends, please, don't doubt how big God is in your life.
in every life.
born and unborn.

Remington means {devoted}
David {for the man after God's heart}

we are praying that our little boy will be a
{devoted} man after {God's heart}.

and we are thankful for your prayers over his life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

{daily delaney}

just a quick daily {delaney}.
we like to tell our daughters that they are {princesses}.
not in the fairy tale kind of way, but really and truly, they are {REAL} princesses.
they are daughters of {the} King.
one day, at the dinner table, casey told delaney she was {indeed} a princess.
she responded with:
"actually, daddy, i'm really just a turd."
hmmmm. i {swear} i've never called her that before in her life.
never ever.

Introducing, {Princess Turd}

Sunday, August 8, 2010

{daily delaney}

so basically, my nearly 4 year old daughter {delaney} is a comedic genius.
and sometimes just has crazy cool {thoughts}.
i thought i'd attempt to share them here as they roll off her tongue.
i'll sure be trying for consistency in posting.

here's one from yesterday:
delaney: "hey mom. let's play pretend."
me: "ok, what do you want to play?"
delaney: "let's play, you be the mommy and i'll be the kid."

yeah....really stretching your imagination there, kiddo.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{my itty bitty}

finally, installment #3. amelia.

now this girl. she is one of a kind.
she will be 2 years old this month.
she is one of the biggest {turds} i've ever met. we call her a {turdler} instead of a toddler.
she also has me so tightly wrapped around her little finger it's starting to turn purple.
i cannot get enough of her, and and sometimes i cannot wait to get a break from her.
she is cuddly. she is not very brave. she has a mullet. she always pulls her pig tails out.
{i guess she's proud of her mullet}.
she is starting to pray on her own, and as w/ delaney, this delights my heart to hear her sweet little voice say Jesus name.
she is a:
she loves babies
she hates meat
she loves broccoli
she can put her own shoes on
she talks all the time
she is obsessed with airplanes
she likes to be read to
and so much {more}.

just get a load of this cuteness:

she likes to paint, and color, and make messes

she likes being in long as she doesn't get splashed.

she has blond hair. and looks just like her daddy.

we very {lovingly} refer to her as, "crazy aunt millie"

i love this girl. love her.