Monday, September 27, 2010

{and yet He loves me}

the other day, i was commenting to casey how {crazy} i thought
it was that though remi requires {everything} from me, and yet does {nothing} for me
i do not begrudge him, or get irritated with him for always needing me.
i simply {adore} {love} and {gladly} give of myself to him.

then, casey chose to {rock} my world... a good way...
with this comment-

"oh yeah? you should thank God for the same."

it's true.
it's {crazy}, that though i require {everything} from God, and yet do {nothing} for Him
He does not begrudge me, or get irritated with me for alway needing Him.
God simply {adores} {loves} and {gladly} gives of Himself to me...

...and to you.

{daily delaney}

delaney loves all things to do with a {camera}.
taking pictures.
having her's taken.
desperately wanting to {see} the picture after it's been taken.
she'll look at photos on the computer or my phone for {hours}.
one day we decided to play with the camera.

here are the many {faces} of delaney.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{The Prophecy Answer Book} a review

Upon reading The Prophecy Answer Book, I find it’s great to have a small book with all of the questions that many Christians have about our current events and how they intertwine with end times prophesy. It is even better that they are answered with Biblical reinforcement . Dr. David Jeremiah does a great job covering the rapture, the tribulation and the second coming. He also discusses some of the more controversial current affairs in our world today, such as the demand for oil, Russia’s relationship with the middle east and the Islamic religion. All of the information is well organized into a small, easy to read and easy to carry book. Israel’s history is also covered as well as their role in the end times scenario. Dr. Jeremiah does an excellent job ensuring that no subject is left uncovered and he makes the Biblical prophecies much easier to understand and process. The question and answer layout is fantastic and it’s really easy to navigate. This book is readable by both the biblically well versed and the novice. The Prophecy Answer Book would make a great gift for anyone with questions about the book of Revelation and the end times.

**Please Note**

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Friday, September 10, 2010

{one more fun thing!}

in all of my posts about remi's birth and the update...i forgot to tell you all a super fun fact!

one of my best friends, hannah, and i were preggers together.
she was about 3 weeks further along then me.

hannah was pregnant with her 3rd {beautiful} daughter.
seriously, you should go to her blog and look at these girls...they are stunning.

anyway, and since i was preggers w/ a boy, i've had all these dreams of them one day getting
married and living happily ever after.

hannah had this condition during her pregnancy that caused her to have crazy amounts of amniotic fluid. so this poor woman measured full term when she was not even 30weeks along!
can you believe that!

at one point, hannah shared with me that if i went into labor before her (since i have a history of going early and she has a history of going late) that she would be, and i quote,
in the most light hearted friendly kind of way. i think....

so hannah was scheduled for a c-section on 8-9-10.
cool date huh.
recognize it?

yeah, that's Remington's birthday.
and he was born a few hours {before} her sweet daughter, Jetta Monroe.

so i did in fact, go into labor and have a baby before her....
thankfully only a few hours, or she might have really been pissed. :)

we had rooms next door to each other all week.
when i wasn't able to hold Remington yet, hannah let me borrow Jetta.
she was a great encouragment and support for me in those hard days.
it was nice to know one of my best friends was right next door.

our older 2 kids are just a few months apart, and aside from the occasional girl fight, they are great friends.

i hope the same for remi and jetta!

{remi d}

remember a while back when i did posts about casey, the girls and i?
well, it's time you get to know the little {man}.here's installment #4.
this little man is 4.5 weeks old.

crazy. it goes by {way} too fast.we like to call him:
remi d
mr. man
rem rem

let me tell you, this sweet boy is easy going and handsome.
and he really likes to fart.
he is an incredibly {gassy} baby.
thankfully not in the fussy, his tummy hurts all the time way...
he just toots {all} {the} {time}.
he is easy going and laid back.his sisters are in {love} with him.
mind you, so am i.

he has crazy good {head} control.
he has {pimples}. poor boy.
he's starting to fill out and his legs are looking less chickeny.

since he's still a little cross eyed and basically eat, sleeps, and {yes} poops...
i don't have much else to report on his personality and character.
but we are sure thankful to have him around.

{daily delaney}

i think most mothers' hope for their relationship with their daughters is that
they will always feel {confidant} and {comfortable} coming to us for anything.

this morning as delaney crawled into bed to watch some cartoons with her daddy, she
asked me for {help}.

last night, she slept in a night shirt and panties...and as she slipped under
the covers, an {issue} came up.

"mom, can you, can you, can you help me get the panties out of my bottom?"

yes daughter. i will pick your {wedgie}.

again, i'm thankful she feels comfortable talking to me even about the {embarrassing} things.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


on tuesday, we choose to put down our sweet and beautiful
german shorthair pointer, Karly.

for those of you who aren't "dog people" you probably won't understand, and i won't be offended if you just stop reading this right now

it feels bitter and unfair to me that we had to do it.
she was only 6 years old....and lived only half her life.
a couple of months ago, we found out she had cancer in her mouth.
it quickly grew and started to close off her nasal passage, making it hard for her to breath.
she couldn't really do any of her favorite things (chasing squirrels, swimming, playing with our other dog) w/out struggling to breath.

it was a hard decision to make, and i didn't think i'd struggle
with the loss of her as much as i have.

anyway, i won't start getting all sappy on you.
i have to remember she was just a dog.
a great companion with lots of personality....yet still just a dog.

i just wanted to pay some sort of tribute to our lovable and goofy "puddin".