Sunday, January 10, 2010


{sometimes} as a mommy i wonder if my daughters pay any
attention to the things i am saying or doing.
i want to be an example to them of a woman:
who {adores} her Savior.
who {prays} constantly.
who loves their {daddy}.
i try and help delaney memorize scripture.
she knows {6} verses.
we sing songs.
i wonder if they really take in {anything} that i am saying or doing.
this is proof that delaney pays more attention then i think i was aware of.

amelia and i were playing in the living room and delaney was in her bedroom playing in the dollhouse. i began to hear some curious sounds coming from the bedroom.
wondering if the stomach bug had {attacked} our family again, i go into her room to investigate.
the photo above is what i found.
"delaney, what are you doing?" i asked.
"i'm making the mommy throw up in the potty like you do, mama".
aaawweee. isn't she {sweet}?

this daughter of mine, she delights my heart.
side note.
at dinner tonight i told casey i though i needed to take some tylenol pm so i could get some sleep because being sleep deprived makes me a bad mommy.
my little cricket chirped in on the convo.
"you are a good mommy, mama".
once again, let's hear it.
aaawwweee. isn't she {sweet}?