Monday, August 13, 2012

{share the LOVE}

Hi blog readers.
I have something dear to my heart to share with you.
Really, this is {someone} dear to my heart.
I have had the privileged of  being friends with/knowing Liz for about 10years now.

She is the kind of girl you {want} to know, {be} around, have {in} your life.

Liz has this incredible and inspiring heart for {motherhood}, but this road has been scattered with challenges and obstacles that could have demolished her faith and cause her to doubt God's goodness.
But instead of growing a heart of bitterness and distrust, Liz (and her hubby, Joe) have chosen to
trust and believe God for their family.

When Liz was pregnant with their first child, a little girl, she had some complications and had to have an emergency c-section at just 29weeks.
Their precious daughter was born, and was the size of a coke bottle.
While Micah was in the NICU for an unbearably long time, Liz blogged so vulnerably and so honestly that I was moved to tears on virtually every single post.
Now, as a friend said it, Micah is a bundle of adorable blond curls.  This describes her so perfectly!

Last year, Liz and Joe found out {with joy} that they were pregnant with their second child.
In the most heart wrenching and devastating way, due to complications from her last c-section they lost their little boy when her c-section scar ruptured. By God's mercy, Liz survived.
I remember when I found out they had lost their precious Liam, just thinking about how their world had stopped.
Everyone else's kept going.  But their's was at a standstill.
And I was so so heartbroken for them.
It brings me to tears as I think about it now.
But their faith, Liz's honesty in her struggle after loosing Liam, her son, her only son was so inspiring to me.

But God is good, and faithful and He has laid it on their hearts to {adopt}.
They are trusting Him for this, and for a little boy or a little girl to join their family.
But adoption, it is {so} expensive.
The Messer Family has saved and saved.  Joe has taken extra shifts and certainly they have been able to save some money to put towards this.
But they have about $10,000 left to raise to be able to bring {baby} home.
To do this, they are having {Share the Love} week over on Liz's blog.
People have donated tons of {scrumptious} handmade items that Liz has assembled into various packages.
As well as a few {uh-mazing} individual items.
And guess what?
You can win them!
With only $5/entry, you can win one of these incredible packages.
Trust me, you will be {competing} with me to win, but even if you don't, your money will not be wasted!
Here is a link to the Messer Family's blog with {all} the details.
Even if you don't know them, if you would be so generous to donate towards their adoption, it would be simply amazing.
Let's help bring {baby Messer} home!

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